- XII International Conference on Grapevine Breeding and Genetics - 2018, 15-20 July

rootstocks ampelography grapevine genetics genomics cis-genomics epigenomics transcriptomics metabolomics fluxomics plant physiology phenotyping bioinformatics Tolerance Resistance Tolerance and resistance to biotic and abiotic stress sustainable viticulture

Local organizing committee

  • Serge Delrot, University of Bordeaux (Convener)
  • Anne-Françoise Adam-Blondon, INRA Versailles
  • Alexia Baïri, University of Bordeaux
  • Emmanel Baugier, University of Bordeaux
  • Catherine Chabirand, INRA Bordeaux
  • Sarah Cookson,  INRA Bordeaux
  • Zhan Wu Dai, INRA Bordeaux
  • Philippe Darriet, University of Bordeaux
  • François Delmotte, INRA Bordeaux
  • Agnès Destrac, INRA Bordeaux
  • Philippe Gallusci, University of Bordeaux
  • Nabil Girollet, INRA Bordeaux
  • Eric Gomès, University of Bordeaux
  • Sabine Guillaumie, University of Bordeaux
  • Maria Lafargue, INRA Bordeaux
  • Ghislaine Hilbert, INRA Bordeaux
  • David Lecourieux, University of Bordeaux
  • Loic Le Cunff, IFV Montpellier
  • Elisa Marguerit, Bordeaux Sciences Agro
  • Guillaume Pacreau, INRA Bordeaux
  • Duyen Prodhomme, INRA Bordeaux
  • Christel Renaud, INRA Bordeaux
  • Jean-Philippe Roby, Bordeaux Sciences Agro
  • Jean-Pascal Tandonnet, INRA Bordeaux
  • Catherine Thioulouse, INRA Bordeaux
  • Cornelis Van Leeuwen, Bordeaux Sciences Agro